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Privacy policy

Updated 2012-12-03

At Bet On Views, we want to give you the privacy information we would like to get from all websites. Bet On Views collects data when you browse its website and use it for different purposes including identifying the geographical area of our users, computing statistics on investors' views, saving your personal preferences on options. However, at this stage Bet On Views DOES NOT collect personal information on its customers such as name, e-mail, telephone, address. Please check regularly this page to be informed of any change to the Privacy policy.

IP addresses and cookies

Bet On Views uses your IP address to administer its website and, occasionally, to help diagnose problems with our server. The IP address also helps us locate the country of the user and better understand our audience. In addition, IP addresses are used to differientiate inputs from different users and properly calculate averages. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number allocated to your computer when connecting to the Internet. It can be used to identify your general location.
When you visit the website, several cookies may be placed on (or read from) your machine if your browser is set to accept cookies. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive through your Web browser. These cookies do not store any personal information on your hard drive; they consist of a very small files that are used to maintain current session data.
Bet On Views uses cookies to save your preferences on the values of "Interest Rates" and "Risk Premium" for each market. When you come back to our website, provided the cookies have not been deleted and your browser accepts cookies, your preferences will be remembered. Bet On Views DOES NOT use cookies to store your personal information or to track you. In addition, Bet On Views DO NOT use evercookie technology. If you are concerned that your IP address may help identify you, be aware that there are methods available to modify it. Just make sure the new IP address is in the USA or in Canada to still get access to the website.

Other data collected

When you visit and use its portfolio allocation models, Bet On Views stores the views you enter. This information is NOT USED to relate your opinions to your personal information. We DO NOT ask for you personal information.
The data stored include the IP address of the user, the value of the view you enter, the security of interest, the time of input, the confidence in your view, your interest rates and risk premium preferences. The data collected is used to calculate statistics on investors' views and make it available to the users. The statistics pertaining to the data collected EXCLUDING "IP addresses" may be transferred or sold to third parties.